Castel Sant'Angelo
Castel Sant'Angelo
Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo

Originally built in the II century for Emperor Hadrian (AD130-139) as a mausoleum for himself and his successors, it was completed by Antoninus Pius. Castel Sant'Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel) was later transformed into a large castle. In 1277 it was occupied by Pope Nicholas II who turned into a fortress and used the building as a refuge in case of danger. It is famous for the secret corridor (Passetto di Borgo) connecting it to the Vatican. The building was also used as a prison. At the top of the castel, overlooking the panoramic terrace with statue of an angel built by the XIII century Flemish sculptor Pieter Verschaffelt, offers amazing view over Rome.Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo

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Price: €10.50
Address: Lungotevere Castello, 50, 00186 Roma, Rome, italy
Phone: +39 06 681 9111


Hours: 9am-7pm April-September, 9am-2pm October-March
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